• Apparel Labels

    All finished garments need labels and hangtags. In some cases these small units can do as much to sell a garment as the item itself. The apparel label is the finishing touch to your garment and our labels are a great way to reinforce your brand.

  • Printed Labels

    Printed labels are a great choice when you want a label with an intricate design. You can achieve great detail with printed labels and you have greater freedom with the information that you can include on them. Consider the fabric of your garment when choosing which type of printed label will work for you.

  • Black Satin
  • White Satin
  • Show Label
  • Black Dmask
  • White Dmask
  • Rubber/Moulded Labels
  • Woven Edge/Ultrasonic
  • Centre Fold/Arrow Fold
  • Laser Cut
  • Tags
  • Printed Washcare
  • Barcode Stickers
  • Heat Transfer